Batik Wall hanging           hand made         colorful art

English version

Swaziland batik         collection: Wild Live

Ray of sunshine.

The rich, fiery shades of this wall hanging are contrasted with the majestic silhouettes of giraffes, elephants and trees at sunset on the savannah – there’s no better way to bring a ray of sunshine into your home when the nights are dark and cold.

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Cushion covers      hand made

Collection: 'Wild live of the Serengeti'

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Art from South Africa.  Original, colorful and handmade.

How to paint batik.

On the canvas, the drawing is made. Where no paint may come wax is lubricated and the first color is applied. After this the wax is washed out (boiled out), the canvas dried and the process begins again, depending on the number of colors.


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Jan Heyse Veere kunstschilder, schilderijen te koop
Jan Heyse Veere
Reimond Kimpe kunstenaar, schilderij te koop, portret
Reimond Kimpe
Leonard Jordaens schilderij te koop, haven met boten
Leonard Jordaens
Arie Zwart kunstschilder zonnig schilderij
A.J. (Arie) Zwart

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